Strategic Planning for Success

plan to succeedHow Can You Help Your Customer Succeed with Digital and Social Media?

Ask Yourself The Following Questions.

  • Who is my target audience? Are they male, female and are the customers or consumers?
  • Will my target audience be familiar with and/or use social media or online marketing?
  • Where and how does audience use online media –at home, at work, on mobile?
  • Who are the competitors and how do they use social media?
  • What is the goal? Brand recognition, building relationships, grow lists, sales, engagement….
  • What is the message and what is your online personality, values, and promise?
  • Do we internally have the time to produce content for social media, participate and engage in different platforms?
  • Who will be in charge of monitoring our message and brand on each social media platform?
  • ROI, Return on Investment on time and effort, analyze and adjust.

Internal resources and a solid marketing plan are necessary to implement and run a successful social media marketing strategy. So ask yourself these questions and make sure that you and your team are ready before diving into your next online marketing effort.

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What Traditional or Online Media is Right for Your Business?

What Types of Marketing are Businesses Using

      SOCIAL MEDIA EXAMINER asked social media marketers what other types of marketing they were participating in. The top three included email marketing, search engine optimization and event marketing. B2B marketers were significantly more likely to employ search engine optimization (71%B2B vs. 65% B2C) and event marketing (70% B2B vs. 58% B2C). Organizations with 1000 or more employees were more likely to participate in event marketing (73%). Social media marketers with 3 or more years of experience were more likely to participate in search engine optimization (80%) and event marketing than others (79%).

How will marketers change their social media activities in the future?

Facebook is clearly a top winner. 92% of marketers are using Facebook and 75% plan on increasing their activities. Only 3% of marketers surveyed do not plan to utilize Facebook. Second only to YouTube/video and tied with blogs, Facebook is an area where marketers feel they can achieve substantial results.80% of B2C plan on increasing Facebook efforts. 83% of large businesses will also increase their Facebook activities. Facebook is also the top focus for people just getting started with social mediamarketing.

Blogs remain a strong area of focus for social media marketers, with 75% indicating they’ll increase their blogging activities.The self-employed are more likely to blog, with 79% reporting increased activity.In 2010, 81% of marketers planned on increasing their blogging activities..

Twitter 73% of marketers will increase their activities on Twitter. Large businesses are most likely to increase their activities on Twitter,with 77% reporting.

LinkedIn As expected, B2B are significantly more likely to plan on increasing their use of LinkedIn (71% of B2B versus 51% of B2C). The self-employed (68%) were more likely to increase their use of LinkedIn.

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Power of Social Media

globe&socialThe Power of Social Media

A huge amount of research supports the idea of the Social Web as a powerful commerce engine. Some highlights:

  • “38% of consumers have followed through (at least once) with a friend’s recommendation they have received via social media.”  Empathica Consumer Insights Q2, 2010
  • American Eagle Outfitters (a Bazaarvoice client) added Like buttons to every product page, and saw that visitors from Facebook spend an average of 57% more than other visitors
  • Levi’s (a Bazaarvoice client) sourced 50% of their 2010 Cyber Monday traffic to Facebook
  • Working with Bazaarvoice, Benefit Cosmetics has received more than 1,700 product reviews on their Facebook Page. Click-through rates on Buy Now buttons on Benefit’s Facebook Page are 10 times higher than the average online ad’s
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Hello world!

Welcome to Social Dynamic. This is the first post. :lol:

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